Sunday, September 8, 2013


 Wow, time has really flown.  The pups are 7 weeks old and will start to leave next week for new homes.  This litter has been such a joy.  They are sweet, loving, and very people oriented.  They are calm, and confident and the temperament test yielded almost the exact scores on all the pups for all the tests.  Without collars, this litter would be almost impossible to tell apart in both looks and temperament!  The exception is the giant mr. white (stan), who is 17lbs at 7 weeks and stands out next to his normal sized brethren.
 A stolen brush makes a great toy...until our partypooper of a human mom took it away:-(
 Mr. lime (Tolken) looks nice and innocent in this picture- I did not record the flower assassination that followed.
 Miss yellow (Bebe) and Mr Rainbow (Butters) have a nice conversation together
 Mr. Green (Kyle) poses for the camera while lazy Miss Pink (Wendy) watches the other pups play 
 I love the goofy look on Butter's face. 
 Miss Pink (Wendy)
 Uh Oh, they stole the brush again
 Mr. Green Roooohhhhh
 Once I removed the brush, they found another inappropriate toy.  It did not matter their own toys were strewn around in easy reach- forbidden is always more fun!
 Miss yellow from the Tooey litter has joined the Faethe litter since all her littermates have gone to new homes and she was lonely.  She fits right in
 Mr. Green and Mr. Lime both want the bug crawling in the bowl
 Where did it go?
 puppy party 
 Contemplating a jump.  The two miss yellows jump off the rock wall like it is nothing but the boys prefer to walk around and take the stairs
 Mr. White
 Mr. Lime
 Miss Yellow ( Bebe)
 Mr. Red practicing for the show ring
 Starting to tire out?
 Nope, another game of tag starts
Mr. Red

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

3 weeks old

Faethe's pups are growing, growing, growing.  She is a very good mom and has a lot of milkThe pups now have puppy names.  The owners will pick permanent names when they take pups home but for now they are all named after South Park characters.  Pink is Wendy, Yellow is Bebe, Rainbow is Butters, Red is Cartman, Blue is Ike, Green is Kyle, White is Stan and Lime is Tolken 
 Butters thinks his foot is the best toy
 pups exploring the grass for the first time
 Faethe keeps a watchful eye on the pups
 Wendy is the biggest puppy in the litter- 4# at her 3 week birthday- the other pups are close behind
 Kyle gazes at mom lovingly...before attacking her ear
 Super cute!!
 The milkbar is getting full
Awww- Bebe looks like a cartoon character- so cute

Monday, July 29, 2013

week one- minus a day!

 I will be offline for the weekend so the week one update is a day early!  The pups are 6 days old but doing great and growing fast. 
 The pups jostling for a spot at the milkbar
 I love the wavy hair on baby water spaniels!
 Faethe multitasks- feeding babies and playing with her duck 
 The pups sprawled out on a nice warm day
 Faethe is happy with her pups
 Mr. Red 
 Mr. Lime
 Mr. lime
 Mr. Blue
 Mr. Green 
 Mr. White
 Mr. Rainbow
 Miss Yellow 
 Miss Pink
 Mr. Lime goes belly up

pups are here!

 Faethe's pups are here!  The dam, Faethe, is exceptionally sweet, obedient and a great bird dog.  I am very excited about these pups
 The sire, Joey, is also super sweet and is one leg away from becoming the first Irish Water Spaniel to earn the Master Hunter title!
 Joey loved Faethe right away!
 Faethe showing off her belly full of babies
 The 8 little rascals are here!  6 males and 2 females- all healthy and vigerous
 Faethe is a great mom and takes good care of her pups
I would not even be able to find the pups if they were not wearing rick-rack!
 Good girl faethe, cleaning puppy butts

 Faethe relaxing after a job well done